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Rick Pettway
  • Jazzing

    A  smooth  buttery  groove  expressed  through  form,  line  and  light.

  • Cecile

    Commission portrait  on  gray  museum  board  20×16.

  • Contortion

    A  perspective  on  human  texture  through  strain  on  black  museum  board  16×20.

  • Saturday Morning

    Urban  system  tranquility  is  on  display  in  this  presentation.

  • Chronology of a Legend

    The  making  of  an  icon… rendered  in  color  pencil  on  black  museum  board.

  • Self Portrait

    Snippets:  An  Introspective

  • Graduation Day

    The weight  of  accomplishment  starts  early.  Done  in  color  pencil  on  black  museum  board. original art: […]

  • The Whisperer

    Young  horsemen  always  attend  the  modern  day  trail  rides.  Done  in  color  pencil  on  blackground. original […]

  • Contortion II

    An  introspective  in  contrast,  texture,  color  and  form. original art: 14×19

  • Pumped Up

    An  introspective  study  in  contrast,  texture  and  line  on  blackground;  in  color pencil. Note: original art- […]

  • Bliss

    A  feeling  of  morning  serenity  visualized. original art: 20×30

  • Matriarch

    A  foundational  introspection  on  the  strong  black  woman.  A  pillar  of  strength,  nurturing,  discipline,  responsibility,  determination […]

  • A Prayer for Charity

    Remembering  Mother  Teresa,  through  the  excellence  of  color  pencil  on  blackground. original art (portrait) 18×14

  • Katrina’s Rage

    The  personage  of  a  storm  in  all  it’s  rage,  rendered  in  color  crayons. original art (portrait) […]

  • Personalities in Greatness

    A  portraiture  assortment  in  demeanor,  rendered  in  color  pencil  on  blackground. original art: 20×30

  • Aging Beauty

    Aging  Beauty  is a color  pencil  representation  natures  creativity,  strength  and  powers of  improvisation. original art: […]

  • Celebration

    Introspective  flurry  on  East  African  Kirdi  village  celebration.

  • Drying Nails

    Privacy and personal space.  color  pencil  on  blackground. original art: (portrait) 20×16

  • Luther

    An  attempt  to  bring  to  mind  the  enduring  styling  of  a  master  crooner. original art: (portrait) 19×14

  • Curtis

    Remembering  the  arena  lit  life  and  feathery  smooth  styling  of  Curtis  Mayfield. original art (portrait) 18×14

  • Urban Trailriders

    Urban Trailriders

    The modern day trail rides are symbolic of the grueling old west expeditions of our past. […]

  • Companions


    This piece is the essence of calm intelligent relaxation with a friend. A good example of […]

  • Green Pasture

    Green Pasture

    The beauty of a puddle after a rain, surrounded by  green life. original art: 16×20

  • Out to Pasture

    Out to Pasture

    The not so natural sight of an old truck in a pasture contrast with that of […]

  • Mustard Garden

    Mustard Garden

    This piece was inspired by the urban tradition of backyard gardens and the special commitment growers […]

  • Fall Leaf Burning

    Fall Leaf Burning

    offers a glimpse into my childhood… Dad used to burn the fallen  autumn leaves in our […]

  • Texas Summer

    Texas Summer

    High noon Texas… from the mules grazing in the shade to the way the sun’s blaze […]

  • Praise Dance

    Praise Dance

    This is an interpretation of rhythm inspired by an ethnic tradition of religious dance. One feels […]

  • Paradaisical


    Sweet delight… a  subjective  offering  in  abstract form and line. original art: (portrait) 13×11

  • Out on the Town

    Out on the Town

    Out  on  the  town  is  actually  an  introspective  visual  of  an  avenue  stroll,  a  study  in  […]

  • Midnight Oil

    Midnight Oil

    A rendering inspire by those who work late,  rendered  with  flowing warm colors,  a  note  of  […]

  • Heterogenious


    A joyful interplay of color, ethnicity and personality. original art: 11×13

  • Army Scout

    Army Scout

    A  Buffalo  soldier  scouting  the  trail  ahead  of  his  troop,  on  the  western  plains  following the  […]

  • Clear light

    Clear light

    original art: 12×10

  • Gentle Curiosity

    Gentle Curiosity

    This children inspired piece is designed to express the essence of human character through an artistic […]

  • Festival Food

    Festival Food

    What’s more special than the hot tasty dishes offered at the local fairs and festivals. The […]

  • Buffalo Scout

    Buffalo Scout

    This piece offers a glimpse into old west history as it captures the intensity and desperation […]

  • Trail Rider’s Camp

    Trail Rider’s Camp

    A look at a modern day urban Trail Rider camp and those who participate in it’s […]

  • Shrubery


    original art: 16×20

  • Rodeo Tiedown

    Rodeo Tiedown

    A wild bronco rider as he prepares for a ride. Tie down refers to the importance […]

  • Satchmo


    This is a portrait of an icon. The blackground technique used allows me to work from […]

  • Buffalo Camp

    Buffalo Camp

    African   American  union  soldiers  stop  to  rest  overnight.  Their  camp  backed  by  the  dark  horizon… one  […]